A Satisficing Divorce

March 17, 2023

The Role of Satisficing


The concept of satisficing is essential when it comes to settling without fighting. Satisficing means making a decision that is good enough, rather than striving for perfection. When couples focus on finding a solution that is satisfactory for both parties, they are more likely to reach an agreement and avoid the costs and emotional toll of fighting. A satisficing divorce is the perfect solution for couples looking for an affordable, fast, and stress-free way to end their marriage. If you want to read more about decision making in many areas of life, I do recommend Dr. Grawitch’s blog, A Hovercraft Full of Eels


Research has shown that satisficing can be an effective strategy in negotiations. Negotiation participants who used a satisficing strategy in negotiation were more likely to reach a mutually beneficial agreement than those who pursued a perfect outcome. By accepting that no agreement will be perfect, but instead striving for an outcome that meets both parties’ needs, couples can often reach an agreement that is satisfactory and sustainable.



Why Agreeing is Often Cheaper than Fighting


One of the main reasons to consider settling without fighting is that it can be much cheaper. Divorce cases that go to trial can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with some even reaching six or seven figures. In contrast, agreeing on terms through negotiation can significantly reduce costs and can keep the cost of your divorce to something affordable. By working with your spouse to reach an agreement, you can avoid the high fees associated with court proceedings, including attorney fees for court appearances, court fees, and expert witness fees.


Additionally, settling without fighting can save time. Contentious divorce cases can take months or even years to resolve, which can cause significant emotional stress for both parties involved. By reaching an agreement outside of court, you can avoid the lengthy and often contentious process of litigation.


The Emotional Cost of Fighting


Divorce is already an emotional process, and fighting over every issue can exacerbate the emotional toll. Contentious court cases can lead to feelings of anger, frustration, and sadness, which can negatively impact your emotional well-being. By settling without fighting, you can avoid these negative emotions and focus on moving forward with your life.


Moreover, the emotional cost of fighting can also extend to children. Research has shown that children of divorced parents are more likely to experience emotional and behavioral problems. When parents fight over every issue, it can further exacerbate these problems and make it difficult for children to adjust to the new family dynamic. By settling without fighting, parents can reduce the emotional impact on their children and work together to create a healthy co-parenting relationship.


The Value of Agreements


When you settle without fighting, you have the opportunity to create a mutually beneficial agreement that works for both parties involved. This can be especially valuable when it comes to financial matters, such as property division, divisions of your stuff, and fair decisions about issues like dividing debt and maintenance. By negotiating a fair settlement, both parties can move forward with their lives and avoid the stress and expense of court battles.


Furthermore, agreements reached through negotiation are often more durable than those imposed by a judge. When couples work together to reach an agreement, they are more likely to comply with the terms of the agreement and make changes as needed. This can be especially important when it comes to co-parenting agreements, where ongoing cooperation and communication are essential.


Settling without fighting can be a beneficial approach to divorce. By focusing on satisficing and negotiating a mutually beneficial agreement, couples can avoid the high costs and emotional toll of court battles, reduce the impact on their children, and move forward with their lives.


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