affordable divorce lawyer O’Fallon, IL

Affordable Divorce Lawyer O’Fallon, IL

If you are going through divorce and are worried about how much it will cost you, then reach out to me, a trusted O’Fallon, IL affordable divorce lawyer. At a time like this, you may be feeling overwhelmed about the future and your finances. While no one expects to get divorced later in life, it does happen. No two cases are exactly alike, as an attorney experienced in handling divorce cases of all kinds, I understand that. Here are some tips to consider amidst the divorce process. Once you and your soon-to-be-ex have reached agreement, please contact me, Amanda Bradley at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions. 

Get Organized

The more organized you are during the divorce, the more money you can save. Gather important documents such as bank statements, tax returns, investment statements, check registers, employee benefits handbooks, retirement account statements, mortgage documents, life insurance policies, credit card statements, stock grants, social security statements, property titles, and anything else relevant. Make printed copies of useful financial documents that may be currently stored on your computer.

Prioritize Your Children

If you have shared children together, then they will be impacted by the change as well. Spending time with your kids and focusing on their wellbeing can reduce the ache of divorce on your life and theirs. If you have an amicable relationship with the other parent, perhaps you can create a parenting schedule that works for you both. But do not involve the kids or ask them to take sides as you negotiate. This will only lead to more emotional problems for them. 

Hire A Lawyer

Rarely does anyone enter a marriage thinking that it will result in divorce later on. While your sense of self may be flooded with heartache, anger, resentment, and other difficult feelings, don’t forget that there are reliable professionals out there who can offer support. As an Illinois affordable divorce lawyer, I can understand the grief you may be going through. Or maybe you are relieved that divorce is happening. Either way, by hiring me, Amanda Bradley, you will have a compassionate professional working for you who can watch out for your interests as you create a new path forward. 

Flat Fee Divorce Solutions

Flat Fee Divorce Solutions has helped many people get through divorce. I am fully aware of the stress and financial burden that my clients endure from this significant life change. I strive to offer support, dependable legal guidance, and all at a price that is affordable. Divorce is known to be expensive. With my assistance, you won’t have to go through this process alone. Whether divorce is already unfolding, or you feel like it’s on the horizon, please call, email, or use the CatBot so I can help. I hope to speak with you today about the divorce process and how to protect yourself during this difficult period. 

Determining Spousal Support In Your Affordable Divorce

As a trusted O’Fallon, IL affordable divorce lawyer, I recognize the complexity and emotional turmoil that couples often face. Among the critical issues that require resolution during divorce proceedings is spousal support, commonly known as alimony. Spousal support holds significant importance in Illinois divorces, as it can significantly impact the financial stability of both parties involved. 

Understanding Spousal Support In Illinois

Spousal support, also referred to as alimony, represents a financial arrangement in which one spouse may be required to provide financial support to the other after the dissolution of their marriage. The primary objective of spousal support is to ensure that both spouses can maintain a reasonably comparable standard of living post-divorce, particularly when one spouse may have been financially dependent during the marriage.

Factors That Influence Spousal Support

In Illinois, the determination of spousal support is a nuanced process that involves a thorough evaluation of various factors to arrive at a fair and equitable decision. Some of the pivotal factors considered include:

Income And Earning Capacity 

Courts meticulously assess each spouse’s existing income, earning potential, and future income prospects. If there’s a substantial income disparity, the court may order spousal support to bridge the gap.

Duration Of The Marriage

The length of the marriage significantly impacts spousal support. Longer marriages may result in more extended or even permanent spousal support arrangements. The court takes into account the standard of living established during the marriage, striving to ensure that both parties can maintain a similar lifestyle post-divorce.

Financial Needs And Obligations

The financial requirements of each spouse, including debts and obligations, are carefully examined. This includes factoring in child support and other financial responsibilities. Further, the age and health of each spouse are key considerations when determining spousal support. Health issues or approaching retirement age may influence the duration and amount of support awarded.

Types Of Spousal Support In Illinois

Illinois provides various forms of spousal support, with the type depending on the specifics of the divorce. For example, temporary support is awarded during the divorce proceedings to maintain financial stability for both parties until a final resolution is reached, while rehabilitative support is intended to assist the recipient spouse in achieving financial independence through education, training, or gaining work experience.

In some cases, the court may set a review date to reevaluate the spousal support order based on changing circumstances. Permanent support is granted when the recipient spouse is incapable of achieving financial independence due to factors such as age, health, or other compelling reasons.

Learning How I Can Assist You

Should you find yourself in the midst of an Illinois divorce and require assistance with spousal support or any other aspect of your case, I urge you to reach out to Flat Fee Divorce Solutions today. As a seasoned attorney, I am here to offer personalized legal guidance and help you secure a just and equitable resolution. Allow me to be your trusted partner during this challenging time. Call today to schedule a consultation with me, an O’Fallon affordable divorce lawyer, for help.