Why I chose to only handle divorces

September 21, 2023

More Knowledge and Expertise


When attorneys only work on one type of case, they are able to develop an extensive knowledge base that would be difficult to achieve if they were to practice multiple types of law. This means that this type of attorney understand the ins and outs of their chosen field better than general practitioners. This has let me become familiar with the judges who regularly preside over my cases, which helped them build better strategies for my clients.


Understanding My Client’s Needs


Another advantage is that it allows me to become more mindful of my client’s needs so I can approach their case with passion and compassion. A divorce lawyer will know how to work with divorcing spouses who may be emotional or overwhelmed by the process because they work with similar individuals on a regular basis. I understand what kind of support each client needs while representing them through the legal process — something that an attorney who practices criminal law may not necessarily understand as well.


More Focused Representation


Finally, focusing on one type of practice allows me the opportunity to focus on providing more personalized representation each of my clients. This allows me more time with each individual case and ensures that all questions are answered in detail and all concerns are addressed adequately before any action is taken. This provides my clients with greater peace-of-mind knowing that I am approachable and well-versed in the nuances related to their specific case and can make informed decisions based on my knowledge and experiences with divorce cases like theirs.


Why Divorce and Family Law?


Divorce is a complex area of law with many facets to it that requires understanding not just the specific laws on divorce, but also an understanding of tax issues, financial planning, criminal law, and many other areas of law. It is important to have a grasp of these concepts to understand the complexities of divorce, as any case may touch on division of retirements, bankruptcy, parenting and child support. Having an understanding of these areas of the law makes me well-versed in the nuances of divorce law, as it impacts divorcing clients, and aware of potential problems that I can control, as well as allows me to give my clients more through advice. As for why I chose to become a divorce lawyer, it allows me to actually help people, draws on my background in psychology, and is always interesting.


Why I Only Take Uncontested and Collaborative Cases


I have been practicing for nearly 20 years. I have helped a lot of clients in that time. I learned early on that most clients are at their most satisfied when the representation is predictable, thorough and is cost-effective. I also have a chronic disease, migraines, which are triggered by stress and long work hours. To be able to help people best, I had to reduce my biggest stressor, which was litigation. And in doing so, I found my passion as a professional: helping people get divorced without fighting and doing so in the most professional way I can. Since I am not a ball of stress, I can be compassionate and empathetic, offer thorough explanations and return most emails within hours. I can find time to actually help people with their legal issues and point them to good resources for their other needs. In other words, I can be a better lawyer if I handle matters that do not require me to head into court all the time.


By choosing someone who focuses solely on family law – hopefully me – you are getting both knowledgeable advice as well as focused representation from someone who understands your situation and knows how best to protect your interests throughout the entire legal process.


If you are ready to start with your uncontested divorce, reach out to my office, either through my contact from or by calling.