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Preparing for Your Divorce with a Edwardsville, IL Lawyer

No matter who you are, as an Edwardsville, IL mediation lawyer, I understand that considering divorce is difficult. But with some preparation and guidance from a reputable lawyer, it can reduce the stress and uncertainty that your new life faces. I know that this can be an overwhelming time for anyone, even if you know parting ways is the right decision. The key to getting through a divorce more smoothly is to set reasonable expectations from the start, and try to be as kind and gentle with yourself as you can. By meeting with me, Amanda Bradley at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions, you will have someone to offer support during what feels like an unpredictable time. 

Stay Organized

Divorce is going to entail tons of paperwork. The best way to stay on track of your documentation is to stay organized. Put important documents in chronological order and a safe place that you can easily refer to when needed. Examples of documents to gather include income tax returns, property deeds, retirement accounts, bank statements, credit cards, social security statements, life insurance policies, and other such financial paperwork. If you have the means to start separating your finances, that may be a good idea. 

Stay Off Social Media

As tempting as it may be to want to vent on social media, I have seen it work against clients during their divorce case. Use caution before sharing anything about your divorce on social media. It may seem harmless to post about your situation or exude confidence over your new freedom, it could make your divorce more contentious than it needs to be. I have seen arguments develop or become fueled by social media posts. As an experienced Edwardsville lawyer, I suggest finding ways to vent about your divorce by talking with family and friends privately or meeting with a therapist on a regular basis. 

Stay On Routine

Divorce can cause your former routine to change, so it can help if you create a routine and stick to it. The routine in itself can keep you on track so that you can continue to live as normal of a life as possible. Remember to put everyday tasks on your list, such as eating meals, getting a good amount of rest, moving your body, and reaching out to loved ones for support. Don’t forget that your closest friends and family can be a useful network when things feel tough — just leave the legal advice to the lawyers!

Flat Fee Divorce Solutions

I, Amanda Bradley at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions, know the anguish you may be going through. Even if the divorce provides you with immense relief, there may still be some difficulties that arise. I am fully aware of the financial and emotional impact that divorce can have on someone. I hope to be that source of legal insight and protection as you navigate a new life for yourself. Don’t hesitate to contact me today through phone, email, or CatBot for further support.