Can you just send my paperwork to the judge so they can divorce me if my soon-to-be-ex will not sign?

September 27, 2022

Imagine this: someone gets married, quickly files for divorce without their spouse’s knowledge, and a judge signs off on it, leaving the other person in the dark. Sounds unfair, right? It is – and it’s not how the legal system works.

Why Every Divorce Involves Both Spouses

Each party in a divorce deserves a voice. It would be unethical (and illegal) for an attorney to sneak a divorce past someone. Even in uncontested divorces, where both spouses agree, there are steps to ensure everyone has a chance to review and sign the paperwork.

So, Do You Always Need a Court Hearing?

Not necessarily! When I handle uncontested divorces, I prioritize open communication and transparency. Both spouses have time to carefully consider the terms of the agreement before signing anything. This often eliminates the need for a court hearing, saving you time, money, and stress.

What If My Spouse Refuses to Sign?

While I can’t force anyone to sign divorce papers, I can help. We’ll explore strategies to encourage cooperation and reach a mutual agreement. If those efforts fail, I can refer you to colleagues who handle in contested divorces and can help you navigate the court process.

The Importance of Agreements

Remember, a judge won’t sign off on a divorce unless both parties are on board. My goal is to help you reach a fair and amicable agreement that avoids the need for court intervention altogether.

Facing Divorce in Illinois? Let’s Talk.

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