Diivorce attorneys are too jaded to be judgy

April 4, 2021

I have been practicing divorce and family law for nearly 20 years. I have helped literally several hundred, maybe even a thousand, people in that time. I have heard so many stories that very few things that I am told are shocking or make me judge you. I have represented clients from every zip code in the metro-east, a wide variety of ages, incomes, and durations of marriages. I have heard so many stories that really, I have pretty much heard them all – and by now, I am too jaded to judge you for your how you got to the point where your marriage is over.


There is one creature I reserve 92% of my judgment for anyway: my cat. He lays staring at me, judgmentally, every single evening. I use up most of my judgment there, staring back at him. The other 8% of my judgment I reserve for two groups of people: people who wear their mask on their chin (why? Just why would you put it there? it looks so silly) and Cubs fans.


When you hire an attorney, do not be afraid to tell them the truth. We really will not judge you. It is better for us to know anyway so that there is not a surprise later. I won’t judge you for your truth. Unless you’re a Cubs fan. But I will judge you only for being a Cubs fan – and not your marriage choices – and still help you get divorced without a battle. Besides, if you’re worried an attorney is going to judge you, then you may have hired the wrong attorney.