Divorced in 30 days?

March 1, 2023

Getting a divorce is never easy, and the process can be lengthy and complex. But what if you could get divorced really quickly? Like within 30 days or less? It may sound impossible, but it’s not! With a lot of planning and cooperation, I can sometimes make it happen


What you have to do


1. Agree on Everything Up Front


The key to getting a fast divorce is planning ahead. Before calling my office, sit down with your spouse and agree on all the details that need to be settled, from division of assets and debt to parenting arrangements and spousal support (if applicable) Note: It’s important that both parties are honest when discussing these matters—and that they are willing to continue to listen to each other to move quickly. If you need some ideas on what you need to agree on, take a look here.


2. Get Organized


Organization is key when getting a fast divorce. Collect all necessary paperwork related to your marriage (bank statements, tax returns, leases, car titles, house deeds) as well as relevant information about yourself. Once you have everything gathered together, make sure everything is up-to-date so that you can access them.


3. Take your parenting communications course if you have children. I will need certificates from both parents before I file.


4. Have the ability to pay my fees in full, including the rush charge, which is $500 additional to the other fees. Take a look here to see what your fees will be.


5. Call my office and see if I can help you with a rushed divorce. Even when I am not rushing them, its not uncommon for a case to be final within a few months. But to move it as fast as possible, I have to have the time in my schedule. When you call, leave some specific times when I could call you. Or, you can fill in your contact information or take my quiz to get me the same information.


A speedy divorce may sound like an impossibility—but it can absolutely happen! By agreeing on all matters upfront, gathering necessary documents in advance, it is fully realistic that you could be divorced much faster than you thought.