You Should Hire a Lawyer, Even for a Simple Divorce

September 24, 2022

Simple Divorce: The DIY Trap vs. Hiring a Lawyer

Sure, there are DIY divorce forms out there, even free ones. But here’s the (many) catches:

  • You become the expert: You’ll need to master e-filing systems, figure out fixes if the clerk rejects your paperwork, and handle serving your ex. Plus, you’re now responsible for navigating complex legal rules on your own.
  • Hours lost, wages too: This “simple” process eats up time researching laws, potentially costing you work hours.
  • You will Go to Court
  • False promises: Some services claim guaranteed paperwork acceptance. Don’t believe it. Those who draft papers for you without being a lawyer are breaking the law! And those websites? Yeah, at best, you will get your money back but you will not be divorced.
  • Why it’s illegal: Lawyers are bound by strict rules to protect you. Unauthorized practitioners, like paralegals and divorce writing services aren’t. They can’t be held accountable for mistakes, delays, stealing your information or misinformation.

What a Good Lawyer Offers


  • Insider Knowledge: We know how to get your paperwork accepted the first time, saving you frustration and delays.
  • Problem-solving: Details like starting child support or dividing retirement accounts are complex. A lawyer does these right the first time, preventing future headaches.
  • Reduced Stress: A good attorney guides you through the process, minimizing courtroom appearances and making the experience less overwhelming.
  • A good lawyer makes getting divorced look like a simple divorce

Think of it like other skilled services. You wouldn’t cut your own hair or change your car’s oil if you lack the expertise. Lawyers are trained professionals solving a very specific kind of problem.

Simple Divorces Need Lawyers Too

My job is to make even “simple” divorces less stressful. I handle the filing, minimize your court appearances, and take care of those thorny details to ensure a smooth process. If you truly want a simple divorce, having an experienced lawyer on your side is the smartest move.

Ready for a Less Stressful Divorce?

Contact my office. Let’s turn your simple divorce into a truly smooth and efficient experience.

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended to offer general information and is not a substitute for obtaining professional legal counsel. For advice specific to your situation, please consult with an attorney.