I need a vacation (and you do too!)

April 4, 2024

Forget my inbox! I’m outta here until April 9th. And you know why? I need a break. Taking regular breaks lets me stay passionate about helping people get divorced quickly and amicably.


Let me tell you how I’m spending my time off:


April 4th: St. Louis Cardinals home opener! It’s all about the crowd, the hope in the air, and the crisp, green grass. Plus, those Budweiser horses? Pure magic. And if you’ve read elsewhere on my blog, you will know that I am a die-hard fan.
April 5th: I’m hitting the St. Louis Zoo. Those big cats always steal my heart – especially when they’re doing the same silly things my cats do.
April 8th: Y’all, I’m stoked. I chased the 2017 eclipse all the way to Kentucky, and it was awe-inspiring! This time, I’ll follow the forecast for max viewing potential.


But here’s the thing: vacations aren’t just for me. They’re crucial for everyone! But here’s the thing: You deserve a break too! Back in 2016, my husband (and work-life expert), Dr. Matt Grawitch, did an NPR interview about vacations. He stressed that folks don’t take enough time off, and even those who do often stay connected to work. We’ve made unplugging a tradition for healthier lives and a stronger relationship. But vacations are not just about strengthening a relationship – they are good for other reasons too.


Why you should hit pause too (even if it’s a staycation):


Stress Buster: Ditch those deadlines and recharge your batteries. A change of scenery works wonders for your mental health. And if you are going through a divorce, or have just finished yours, recharging your batteries could start the beginning of your new chapter.
Healing Power: Need space to process life changes like divorce? A vacation lets you work through your emotions in a fresh setting. Or just lets you unplug enough to actually process what is and has been happening.
Rediscover Yourself: Vacations shake up routines and let you reconnect with who you are. Exploring new passions lights a whole new fire inside you, or relights the fire that used to burn brightly..


Big trips are great, but even a local adventure counts! Unwind, do something you love, and simply live for a while. Vacations are an investment in your happiness, especially when life gets tough. Don’t wait– give yourself the gift of a reset!