I want to hire the best attorney

February 17, 2022

There are not a lot of places that rank attorneys as “the best” and most of those that do so actually charge attorneys a lot of money to be ranked or to have the badge that they are the best. There are a few that do not charge for the ranking, but then charge for the use of the ranking or advertising.


Do not be fooled by the “best attorney” rankings. Searching for an attorney who has one of those rankings is like searching for an attorney who was the best speller in sixth grade. In Illinois, an attorney is defined by their skill set and education and not by a rank or badge; therefore, one can never be ranked “the best” officially. Illinois attorneys only have to pass a bar exam, pay their yearly dues and attend continuing education classes to practice law.


Ranking that are based on how much money you pay for them rather than having any merit are simply marketing gimmicks designed to attract clients wowed by plaques on the wall – which allows the attorney possessing those plaques to charge more.


The trophy above is one I gave myself because I can and because I really was the best speller in my school in 6th grade. No, I do not charge more because I could spell really well and I have a trophy and an award.


Instead, ask yourself what you are looking for in an attorney and there will likely be an attorney that appeals to you better than others do. I am skilled at my trade and work to continuously educate myself about any updates to the law as well as utilize technology to help me keep my costs down. Also, I strive to make my services affordable for as many families who need them so perhaps I could be considered “the best.” But I am not the best for every case or every client.


There are many types of attorneys and some appeal to certain people better than others do. What does that mean? Some attorneys approach each and every case as a potential war and do not suggest settlement as a possibility. Other attorneys think settlement first but are ready to go to Court to battle. Yet other attorneys do not take cases that are going to need Court time to make decisions.


I fall into the last group. I do not hold myself out as the best at what I do – nor am I allowed in Illinois to do so. I might hold myself out as the best cat parent and baseball fan, but not the best lawyer. But I might be the best or the right lawyer for you. If you are looking for an attorney who will draft up agreements in a way that meets the requirements of the law and keeps your price affordable, then perhaps I could be considered “the best”. If you want to see if I am the best fit for you, please contact me.