Lawyers are not in the business of handing out free advice

April 14, 2023

You’re facing a divorce, and you have questions. All you want are some quick, free legal advice from a lawyer. But here’s why most of us don’t give free legal advice.

1. Lawyers Are Professionals, Not Volunteers


Just like you don’t expect free plumbing or car repair, lawyers deserve to be paid for their expertise. We’ve spent years studying the law and honing our skills, and our time is valuable. Lawyers sell their time and their thoughts.

2. Divorce Law Is Complex and Constantly Changing


The law is constantly changing. Giving good advice requires a thorough understanding of your situation and the current laws. A quick phone call can’t cover the nuances of your specific situation.

3. Free Advice is Risky


Without knowing all the details, a lawyer might give incomplete or inaccurate advice. So this could lead to a misunderstanding on your part. At worst, it might be trouble for both of us. Wrong advice can lead to the lawyer being sued. No lawyer wants to get sued for something that they did not even get paid for.

4. Every Divorce is Different


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer in divorces. What applies to your friend’s situation might not apply to yours. A thorough analysis of your specific facts is needed to provide reliable advice. The thorough analysis comes after you pay the lawyer for their time.

5. The Law Isn’t Always Black and White


Legal interpretations vary a lot. What one lawyer considers a solid case, another might see differently. The law is not plugging numbers into a calculator and getting a guaranteed answer. If it was, would lawyers have a job arguing about cases?

6. We All Have Bills to Pay


Lawyers are running businesses, too. Providing free advice isn’t sustainable in the long run.

7. The words “I Just have a Quick Question” are a Red Flag


Hearing the phrase of “I just have a quick question” sets off all the alarms. No question is quick — a good lawyer needs a lot of details and there might be more than one answer. The law is not boiled down to quick, simple answers usually.

How to get legal advice


  • Schedule a Paid Consultation: This gives you a chance to ask specific questions and get tailored advice based on your situation. My paid consultation with advice is $600. I will review your situation, read up to 15 pages of documents and email you a letter.
  • Research Attorneys: Look for someone experienced in Illinois divorce law who you feel comfortable with. Ask the attorney questions about handling cases like yours.
  • Discuss Fees Upfront: Be transparent about your budget and ask about payment options. Many lawyers offer flexible payment plans.

Remember, free advice might seem appealing, but it can end up costing you more in the long run. Investing in professional legal guidance ensures you get the accurate information and support you need to navigate your divorce successfully.

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