Online Divorce Forms Stink!

February 24, 2023

Getting a divorce is already stressful, so finding a cheaper option like online forms can be tempting.

The Many Problems of Online Divorce Forms


  • Outdated Info = Court Rejection: Laws change, especially in family law. Forms from a website might not meet the current requirements in Illinois. They certainly don’t meet the additional requirements in your county, leading to delays and frustration.


  • No Personalized Advice: Every divorce is unique. Online forms won’t help you decide who gets the car, how to split bills fairly, or figure out complex issues like child support.


  • One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Work: Cookie-cutter forms miss out on the details that matter to YOU. You need documents that protect your rights and reflect what’s best for your situation.


  • Local Rules Matter: A generic form designed for a different state might not be accepted by the courts in Edwardsville or Belleville. Don’t waste your time and money on something that won’t work.


  • Filing is Tricky: E-filing systems can be confusing. Incorrectly filed paperwork gets rejected, leading to even more delays.


  • Hidden Costs: Filing fees add up, and using a credit card means extra charges. The “cheap” option might end up surprisingly expensive. The filing fees in Belleville are $505 plus a credit card charge of 3%.


  • You Still Need a Court Date: Even with online forms, you’re going to court. The judge can reject your paperwork for any reason, meaning another court date and more stress. In Belleville, that means a 12-16 week wait. In Edwardsville, its a 6-10 week wait from the the time you file until the time the Court sees your case.


  • Child Support Paperwork: Online forms won’t handle the details of child support deductions and setting up payments. You’ll still have more frustrating forms to figure out!


Your actual cost to use online forms is the cost of the papers you purchased, the time spent filling them out, the filing fee and the time spent waiting. Aold, the $100 papers are going to cost you $650+ and a bunch of grey hairs. YEOWCH!

Are online forms worth the hassle?

Think of your divorce like filing taxes: most people benefit from having a professional handle it. An experienced attorney will:

  • Use up-to-date information and laws. This means your paperwork is going to be accepted by the Judge
  • Give you personalized advice on your specific situation
  • Navigate the filing system, saving you time and frustration
  • Attorneys get to skip the line of the 6+ week wait.


If you would rather have a professional who handles divorces do this for you, and save yourself the time and effort of being your own lawyer, reach out. I do 95% of my work online and you will get a considerably better set of documents. My prices are fair and I would love to see if I can help. Call me or reach out online through either my quiz or on my contact form.