Planning Your Divorce Now Before the Holidays of 2023

January 26, 2023

Going through a divorce is tough, especially with kids. Holidays that used to be joyful can now feel loaded. Don’t worry! With some simple planning, you can make the holidays positive and stress-free for everyone. Its easier to plan your divorce now before the holidays and summer roll around again.

Divide Parenting Times

Start early! January is the perfect time to talk about holidays. Will you split the days or maybe alternate who gets Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Having a plan months in advance saves you both a lot of holiday headaches. Its easier to talk about these days well in advance of the holidays.

Plan Ahead

Think about what works best for the kids. If they get overwhelmed, smaller celebrations with each parent separately on different days might be the way to go. Communicate your wishes and work out the details well ahead of time. No Judge wants to decide who gets Christmas morning in December. They know that someone is going to be disappointed, and moreover, they simply are not going to work through a creative solution.

Who Goes on Vacation When?

School breaks and holidays are popular travel times. Decide early who takes the kids when. This lets you both book trips without causing conflict or disappointment for the kids. And the Judge’s calendar will be full by April to decide who gets to travel when.

Keep Traditions, Start New Ones

Holidays are full of family traditions. If baking with grandma or opening presents on a certain day is important, compromise to make it happen! Keep cherished traditions alive, and don’t be afraid to start a few new ones just for you and the kids. It’s a way to celebrate your fresh start.

It Gets Easier, I Promise

These conversations might feel hard at first but get easier with time. Talking it out now means a smoother holiday season for everyone, and who doesn’t want that? If planning feels impossible, a neutral third party (like a divorce mediator) can help you both come up with the right plan.

Let Me Help

Navigating divorce is challenging. I understand it’s about more than the law; it’s about your family’s future. As an experienced divorce lawyer, I’m here to make the process as smooth as possible – especially when the holidays are involved. You don’t need a team of lawyers – just one who understands what you’re going through and has helped many people create and craft creative solutions.


If you want to start down your path to a divorce in 2023, and can work out the details with your soon-to-be-ex, reach out to my office. You will find I have fair prices, which are on my website. if you call, my answering service will get some basic information for my eyes only and I will email you to arrange a time to talk.