Some Signs Your Marriage Might be Over

October 14, 2022

Signs Your Marriage Might Be Over: Key Signs and the Cost of Staying in a Failing Relationship

When your marriage hits rough waters, recognizing the signs of a potential breakup is crucial. Ignoring problems rarely makes them disappear. If you wonder whether your relationship is salvageable, or if it’s time to consider divorce, look for these signs your marriage might be over:

  • Breakdown in communication: Healthy relationships thrive on open and honest communication. If you and your spouse struggle to have meaningful conversations, stop sharing concerns, or constantly clash, it’s a major red flag.
  • Lack of intimacy: This doesn’t just mean physical intimacy. Emotional closeness and connection are equally important. If you feel distant from your spouse, as though you’re merely roommates, your marriage is in trouble.
  • No shared vision for the future: Couples who grow together make plans together. When your dreams for the future don’t align with your spouse’s, or if you find yourself fantasizing about a life without them, it’s a sign you’ve drifted apart.
  • Disrespect and contempt: Feeling disregarded or treated with contempt erodes any relationship. Eye rolls, sarcastic remarks, and belittling behavior are signs of a toxic and unhealthy dynamic.
  • Lack of effort: Successful marriages require work from both partners. If you find yourself putting in all the effort while your spouse seems disengaged, it’s time for a serious conversation.

“But What About the Cost of Divorce?”

Some people see the signs that their marriage might be over and a divorce inevitable, they hesitate due to the perceived costs. It’s true, traditional divorces can be financially and emotionally devastating. However, it’s essential to weigh the cost of staying in a dysfunctional marriage as well.

  • Emotional toll: Lingering in a failing marriage damages your self-esteem, mental health, and overall well-being. This can impact other areas of your life, such as work and parenting.
  • Protracted conflict: Contested divorces drag on, keeping you stuck in limbo instead of moving on. Court battles can amplify the emotional turmoil and create lasting damage.
  • Financial burden: Think beyond just legal fees. A toxic marriage might harm your earning potential, impact your health (and healthcare costs), and create ongoing stress that has hidden costs to your wellbeing.

A Smarter Way: Flat Fee Divorce Solutions

At Flat Fee Divorce Solutions (, I understand the pain and expense of traditional divorce battles. That’s why I help clients work with their soon-to-be-ex to negotiate mutually agreeable terms. This approach offers several benefits:

  • Lower costs: Collaboration helps keep legal fees down, leaving you more resources to create your new life.
  • Control of your outcome: You and your spouse decide the terms instead of a judge making decisions about your future.
  • Reduced emotional damage: Working together fosters a healthier transition for everyone involved, especially children.

If you see the signs your marriage might be over, don’t ignore them. Explore your options to make informed choices about your future



If it does reach the point where your spouse has moved out or told you they are going to divorce you, remember, working on settling it without fighting will save you tons of money. If you want to start the process so you can begin healing, reach out to my office. Contact me through my website or call me so you can begin the process.