The term "weekend dad" often carries negative connotations, suggesting limited involvement in a child's life is the only option in Illinois. This blog post challenges common misconceptions about the role that dads can have after divorce.

Weekend Dad Isn’t the Only Option

November 4, 2022

The weekend dad. You’ve seen him before. The dedicated father pushing the stroller on those precious Saturday mornings, his energy boundless during a game of backyard catch. He builds a legendary PB&J, seemingly balancing fun and responsibility. Many men think being a weekend dad is the only option after divorce. Let’s dispel some myths about modern parenting times, formerly called custody, in Illinois.


Myth #1: Being a Weekend Dad is the Only Option in Illinois


Truth: While “weekend dad” is a familiar term, it’s far from the only reality. Parenting plans (or “visitation schedules”) can be tailored to a family’s needs. Dads with flexible work arrangements often enjoy quality weekday time with their kids, too.

Myth #2: Work Schedules Dictate Weekend Parenting


Truth: Many dads do work full-time, but this isn’t the sole reason they might have concentrated weekend time. Non-custodial fathers actually tend to have more flexible work options than custodial dads. This means many dads COULD potentially structure work around seeing their kids more often. More people can arrange flexible working arrangements that allow them to parent on days other than Saturday and Sunday

Myth #3: Weekend Dad is Not Involved During the Week


Truth: “Weekend dads” are often deeply engaged in their children’s lives throughout the week. From daily chats and homework help to doctor’s appointments, dads play a vital role, even from a distance.

Myth #4: Courts Always Limit Dads to Weekends


Truth: That was true….when I was in Kindergarten. The old “dads only get weekends” stereotype is outdated. Modern courts recognize the importance of both parents in a child’s life, and parenting plans are increasingly customized. Now, parenting time can be arranged to fit each family’s individual needs. When parents agree, the choices are pretty endless on how they can arrange parenting times. If you want to look at age-appropriate and creative solutions, head to custodyxchange.


Need Help Crafting Your Ideal Parenting Plan?


The truth is that parenting arrangements can be customized to fit each family’s individual needs – especially when you and the other parent are the ones making the decisions, which only happens if you can work through what is best for your child and agree to not litigate. If you and your child’s other parent can (or have) and are ready to make it official, reach out to my office. You can call me or reach out through my website.


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