Baseball helped me be a better lawyer

March 29, 2023

One of my favorite quotes about baseball (and, surprisingly, the law) comes from the legendary Yogi Berra: “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice there is.” What does this have to do with divorce in Illinois? Well, a lot! People often come into my office with preconceived notions about how divorce works, based on things they’ve read online or heard from friends. But just like baseball, every divorce is unique. As a lifelong Cardinals fan (go Cards!), I’ve learned a lot about law through watching the game. Baseball helped me be a better lawyer by teaching me:

1. Preparation is Key

In baseball, preparation means knowing the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses, along with every possible scenario that could play out on the field.

In divorce, it’s about knowing the facts of your case inside and out: the finances, the children’s needs, and, of course, the relevant laws in Illinois. An experienced attorney can help you strategize and adapt to whatever curveballs come your way, with the goal of helping you reach a satisficing divorce.

2. Don’t Give Up

Even when the Cardinals were down to a 2.8% chance of making the playoffs in 2021, they rallied and made it happen. Divorce can feel like an uphill battle too, but perseverance is key. A skilled attorney can guide you through setbacks and help you keep your eye on the goal: a fair resolution.

3. Believe in Yourself (and Your Lawyer)

Just like a pitcher stepping onto the mound, you need confidence in your abilities. Trust your attorney to advocate for your best interests, and trust yourself to make the right decisions for your future.

Divorce: It’s Not Just About the Rules

While legal knowledge is essential, a successful divorce often comes down to these “soft skills”: preparation, perseverance, and trust. As your lawyer, I bring those qualities to every case, along with years of experience in Illinois family law.


If you want to hire a baseball crazy attorney, reach out through my website or call me. Unless it is March 30, where I will be at Busch Stadium. But I will get back to you and see if I can help you through your uncontested divorce.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is general in nature and based on a personal anecdote. It should not be relied upon as legal advice. Each legal situation is unique, and it is crucial to consult with a lawyer to discuss your specific circumstances.