Busting Myths About Uncontested Divorces

January 16, 2024

At FlatFee Divorce Solutions, I understand that ending a marriage can be a confusing and emotional time. Amidst the swirl of feelings, misconceptions about the divorce process can add unnecessary stress. One prevalent area of misinformation? Uncontested divorces. So, I am tackling five common myths about uncontested divorces.

Myth #1: Uncontested Divorces are Done the Same Day 

While uncontested divorces tend to move a lot faster than their contested counterparts, they’re not warp-speed escapes from reality. There are still legal procedures to follow, paperwork to complete, and court approvals to secure. Think of it as a streamlined highway instead of a winding backroad – still a journey, but smoother sailing. But sometimes I can put that smooth sailing into overdrive.

Myth #2: We Can Share a Lawyer

Even when you’re amicable, an attorney cannot represent both parties. A lawyer protects your individual interests and ensures the fairness of the agreement. This does not mean that the other person must get a lawyer. It simply means I can only represent one party.

Myth #3: Details? Who Needs Those?

Skipping details in an uncontested divorce is like writing a recipe without measurements. Unforeseen situations can arise, and vague agreements can lead to future conflict. Invest time in hashing out parenting time schedules, property division, and even pet visitation. Remember, clarity equals peace of mind – and prevents arguments later.

Myth #4: No Judge Gets Involved in an Uncontested Divorce

While contested divorces often involve courtroom battles, uncontested ones still require a judge’s approval. Think of it as a final quality check. The judge ensures your agreement adheres to the law and protects both parties’ best interests. Sometimes that means you have to come with me to Court but I try to keep you from having to go by including all the details and complying with the law up front.

Myth #5: DIY Divorces Save Money, Right?

While the temptation to go it alone is understandable, navigating the legal intricacies of divorce can be a costly mistake. An experienced divorce attorney not only saves you time and stress but also helps you avoid pitfalls that could drain your finances in the long run. If you file your divorce yourself, you will have to go to court and have the Judge approve everything. If you forget to add a bank account, it cannot be added later. I draft the most thorough paperwork I can to make sure there are no surprises later. I handle the majority of my cases without you appearing in court. You would not DIY your new roof, so why DIY something that has enormous financial consequences, like a divorce?

Bonus Myth: All We Have to Do is Go to the Court and Sign a Few Forms

Divorces are a lot more complicated than getting married. This is in part because from the moment you get married until the moment you are divorced, everything you create — paychecks, bank accounts, debts, cars — are part of the marital estate (in most cases). To unwind this and sever the marital estate effectively, there is a lot more paperwork. In fact, a divorce can be several hundred pages long to fully describe how stuff is divided.


Remember, choosing the right path for your uncontested divorce is vital. At FlatFee Divorce Solutions, I offer transparent pricing and affordable legal guidance to help you navigate this process with clarity and confidence. Call me or contact me today and let me help you turn the page on your marriage with peace of mind.