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Thoughts, insights and information about the divorce process. Nothing here should be considered to be legal advice. If you need legal advice, you need to hire a lawyer.

Divorcing in 2021 might affect your taxes next year

February 8, 2021

What your standard deduction is depends on your marital status on December 31.

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I am now offering negotiated, non-litigated divorces

January 19, 2021

When the other side has a lawyer but we all agree to work through the case without the court’s help

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What is the difference between online divorce papers and a lawyer doing them for me?

December 9, 2020

The difference between do-it-yourself divorce papers and a lawyer drafting your divorce

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Divorces are divorces, or are they?

November 9, 2020

Why someone familiar with the Metro East practice of law only handles work there.

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The choices we make, or, why choosing to settle is usually better

October 9, 2020

Let’s say you are a perfectly normal middle-class family living outside St. Louis. You have a perfectly normal house, car, job, retirements, debts and a spouse you are done with. This is the reality of about 3,500 metro-east families every year. L…

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Why I have chosen to turn down most litigation

October 1, 2020

As Covid-19 continues, the Courts in Illinois have reopened. Some are zoom only, some are in-person, some are a hybrid of the two. I am immunocompromised and I have chronic migraines, which can be triggered when things are too tight around my head, pull…

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Why maybe the best answer is I don’t know

April 8, 2020

I am telling people I don’t know a lot more than I used to

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